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The Garden is operated as a nonprofit, tax-exempt entity. All revenues, memberships and gifts are reinvested in the theater. The nonprofit Princeton Garden Theatre is YOUR movie theater.

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Your support is critical to our success. Show your support for the Garden by becoming a member of this community landmark. As a member, you will receive reduced (or free) admission to all films and other events at the theater. Memberships and gifts to the theater are tax-deductible and will be used to make the theater a cultural asset.

Who we are.

Renew Theaters is delighted to join the Princeton community as the new operator of the Garden Theatre. We also run three golden-age movie theaters in Pennsylvania – the County Theater in Doylestown, the Ambler Theater in Ambler, and the Hiway Theater in Jenkintown. We are committed to excellent programming and to meaningful community outreach.

How we run the theater.

We show first-run films of high artistic quality. We’ve added special programming like classic Hollywood and foreign language films; filmmaker appearances and lectures; Saturday kids matinees; and theatrically broadcast events such as from the National Theatre in London. We endeavor to improve the quality of hospitality and service from the theater’s staff.

Reaching out.

We are dedicated to reaching out to the Princeton community and local businesses to host special screenings, events, birthdays, and receptions, and to partner on projects. We’ll also work with the University to make the theater available to student groups and academic staff for screenings, as well as to consult on special programming.

We opened on July 4, 2014.

We took over the theater on June 1, 2014. We closed for 5 weeks in order to make immediate improvements. We repainted and installed new carpet and lighting in the lobby, installed a new concessions stand (with a real popcorn machine), and even added a door to the men’s room. We fixed the seats in the auditoriums and installed new theater doors. We also added artwork to the lobby that will start to showcase the Garden’s 90+ years of movie theater history. We do plan further upgrades in the future, but these changes were needed immediately.

A Word of Welcome
from John Toner, Executive Director
Thank you for visiting the Princeton Garden Theatre. Our job is to make your film experience as positive as possible. Please give us your feedback. If you have a problem talk to the manager. And you can always contact me at jtoner@renewtheaters.org.